Rooftop BBQ

Every Friday From 5 p.m.

Choose 1 burger, 1 skewer & 1 salad, baked potato included.
€10.00 per person.

Mini beef burger
100% Irish beef served in a brioche bun with chipotle coleslaw. (1A,6,7,10,12)

Mini chicken burger
Free-range Irish chicken fillets served with fresh guacamole & red onion salsa in a brioche bun. (1A,6,7,12)

Tofu burger
Curry-flavoured Tofu in a lightly toasted bun with fresh rocket. (1A,6,10,12) (V)

Vegetable skewer
Grilled aubergine, courgette, mixed peppers & mushroom. Served with selected dips. (6,9,11,12) (V)

Beef skewer kebab
Irish steak minced with fresh herbs, grilled on a skewer & served with B.B.Q dip. (1A,6,9,10,12)

Chicken skewer
Free-range chicken marinated in buttermilk & spices, slowly roasted, served with a lemon & dill dip. (1,6,7,9,10,12)

Potato Salad
Soft baby potatoes in wholegrain mustard mayonnaise with spring onions & shallots. (6,9,10,12) (V)

Creamy coleslaw
Red & white cabbage in a light mayonnaise with organic shredded carrots, onion & fresh mixed herbs. (6,9,10,12) (V)

Allergens Information:
(1)Gluten (1A)Wheat (1B)Rye (1C)Barley (1D)Oats (2)Crustaceans (3)Eggs (4)Fish (5)Peanuts (6)Soybean (7)Lactose (8)Nuts (9)Celery (10)Mustard (11)sesame (12)Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites (13)Lupin (14)Molluscs (V)Suitable for vegetarians (GF)Gluten free (VA) Adaptable for vegetarians